Participants successfully finished The First Noise Mapping Training!

Posted on 28 Oct 2014.

The First Professional Noise Mapping Training was held by Vibrocomp last week. Beside the large number of attendants from Dubai and Alain Municipalities, participants from the private sector as well as from universities have attended the training. The participants from over 7 different countries in the region have been trained about acoustics, noise propagation, noise measurements, noise mapping and action planning. In the exercise of the last day everybody created a noise map of his own based on the input data they collected in the pilot area the previous day. Vibrocomp and SoundPLAN provided three days full support and expert guidance for the practical exercises as well as laptops preinstalled with SoundPLAN and Class I noise measurement instruments.

Driven by the success of this event and the supreme feedback received, Vibrocomp will host two further trainings end of February, 2015. We have scheduled one three-days training for entry level and one two-days training for the more advanced.

We will publish detailed information on the upcoming events shortly!

Vibrocomp in The National

Posted on 07 Oct 2014.

The National published today an article about noise pollution and the reduction possibilities in the UAE. Our CEO Pal Bite was asked for his expertise. The National is a government-owned English-language daily newspaper published in Abu Dhabi. The online version of the article is available here: 

Vibrocomp invests in UAE education

Posted on 09 Sep 2014.

Vibrocomp ME follows the company policy and invests in UAE education, by offering student internships at Vibrocomp HQ in Budapest. The aim of the internship is to educate civil and environmental engineering students in the practical use of environmental air- , noise and vibration pollution solutions. The first UAE student Mohamad Ali Khalil from the University of Sharjah Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - who have been granted this internship - is doing noise measurement for railway construction noise model

Mr. Mohamad is currently collecting experience with one of the biggest railway reconstruction works in Hungary. The project is to reconstruct the existing and construct a second high-speed line along the South Shore of Lake Balaton. Difficulty in the project is, the 90km leading almost fully through residential areas with sometime less than 50m between the high-speed railway and the residential buildings. Vibrocomp is responsible for the full noise and vibration works of this development from sketch to construction. In order to achieve the limit values to be met, and to minimize the number of affected residents in this close built-up area Vibrocomp carried out the design of the necessary noise and vibration insulation with latest state-of-the-art mitigation methodology. Vibrocomp is also responsible for noise abatement plan and monitoring of the construction works.

For more information contact us at

Vibrocomp’s expertise in aircraft noise mitigation presented to the Chinese delegation visiting our HQ from Shenzhen Municipality

Posted on 20 Aug 2014.

Mr. Zhang Jianan, Deputy Director of Human Settlements and Environment Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and his delegation of high level govt. and municipality officers responsible for development and environment are on a 4-days visit in the EU at Vibrocomp HQ. The technical program of the first day was held this Monday at Budapest Airport, where Vibrocomp is responsible for environmental noise protection since 2008. Vibrocomp’s work consist of noise measurements, noise prediction /modelling/ of current and future aircraft operations, noise reduction planning, support in PR communication and any other noise related issue at the airport.

Public complains around the airport dropped by over 80% since 2008 as the result of the major achievements in noise protection by the Airport supported by the professionalism and expertise in noise reduction and public communications of Vibrocomp. The major steps in this success story and the implemented noise reduction measures of those 6 years have been presented to the delegation as well as the working online noise monitoring system. The monitoring system connects real-time radar data with noise measurements andcalculates real time noise maps. The main highlight of the visit at Budapest Airport was an engine test at the newly constructed low-noise engine test facility. The engine test facility was fully designed by Vibrocomp with the use of noise mapping. It is capable of engine tests from mid- to large-size wide-body airplanes such as B767s and has a significant noise reduction of 16 dB(A).

In the following the delegation visited other projects of Vibrocomp, such as ournoise and vibration reduction work at the newly constructed metro line and studied the advantages for a big city of a technical assistance and large scale air pollution and noise mapping project. There is also time for leisure during the visit, today’s national holiday will be spent at the beautiful Lake Balaton...

Event date: Full day 20-22 October 2014
Deatailed program of the First Prof. Noise Mapping Training

The trianing will be held 20-22 of October in, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai UAE.

Vibrocomp ME training gives You the following advantages:

To be among the firsts in the GULF to be professionally educated with the latest state-of-the-art methodology in the field of Acoustics, Noise Measurements, Noise Mapping and ActionPLANNING

Being educated by the best, worldwide known SoundPLAN International LLC training expert with 1500+ hours of professional training experience

Being educated by local experts, and learn international standards and the use of them in the region

Getting real experience by working on pilot projects with Type I Noise level meters and SoundPLAN software in groups, with experts’ guidance

By knowing how to make a Noise Map You will be able to validate and quality check any future Noise Map done by a third party.

To receive Worldwide certification: every participant receives a certificate that is issued by Vibrocomp and SoundPLAN International LLC and is accepted globally!

To receive 30% of the training fee as credit when purchasing SoundPLAN from Virocomp ME within 1 year

and a lot more!

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