Adaptation of the CNOSSOS-EU directive

Posted on 13 Mar 2023.

We proudly announce that our company prepares the project called: "2nd phase of the implementation of the package of measures for the adaptation of the CNOSSOS-EU directive" for the KTI (Hungarian National Institute for transport and logistics). on behalf of B3 Hungary Ltd.

The scope of the project is: to produce the Hungarian road, railway, and industrial database in accordance with the domestic application of the new Community Noise Calculation Directive of the CNOSSOS-EU, so that future strategic noise maps in Hungary can be prepared based on this.

In a unique way:

- Over 500 multi-channel noise and vibration measurements are performed and evaluated.

- The road noise measurements are made on the most common road pavement wear layers (13+ different types) in the speed range of 30-130 km/h, at over 50 locations. During the test, rolling and engine noise coefficients for each vehicle category are determined in accordance with the guidelines for the domestic vehicle fleet.

- The directive requires simultaneous examination of both noise and vibration measurements in relation to fixed-track assemblies. The subject of the investigation are locomotives and coaches of the large railways, trams, HÉV, Metro and Tram-Train. With measurements to be carried out at over 80 locations, the effects of the rolling and engine noise parameters resulting from the passing of the vehicles and the elements of the different track structures will be determined.

Vibrocomp to support Azerbaijan turning green

Posted on 01 Mar 2023.

A Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation was signed between Yedullah Babayev, the director of the Vocational Training Center of the Economic Zones Development Agency (EZDA), and Dr. Pal Zoltan Bite, the CEO of Vibrocomp International LLC
According to the document Vibrocomp will provide environmental consultancy services, training and education to VTC students and resident companies of EZDA’s parks. The aim of the cooperation is furthermore to introduce green technologies in the parks, in order to contribute to a sustainable and green future for Azerbaijan.

Newly developed projects page

Posted on 01 Jan 2023.

We are currently upgrading our webpage! On the newly developed project page you will find details about our international flagship projects. The update is currently in progress. We will add new projects and their descriptions every week. Currently this page is only available in the EU(English) site. Later it will be available for all regional sites. 

Data collection for EIA of Budapest - Warsaw high-speed railway line

Posted on 14 Nov 2022.

Measurement locations for noise and vibration fixed at 7,5m, 15m and 25m from the track + for vibration an additional sensor is glued at the rail itself. We are collecting input data at the Paris-Strassbourg TGV line for the EIA of Central Europe’s new high-speed railway line.

Vibrocomp expert Mr. Attila Kubanyi is doing control measurements.