Workshop at the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Posted on 2023.04.26.

Today, Dr. Bite held a workshop at the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It was an honor to present to an engaged audience consisting of different departments of State and Baku Urban Planning, the Ministry of Ecology and key stakeholders from the transport, energy and private sector.

He presented on the main connection points between Urban and Environmental planning, emphasizing the importance of integrating these two fields to support sustainable development. He highlighted that the most cost-effective protection is achieved when emissions are not generated (or at least already reduced at the source) in the first place, making design considerations crucial to achieving sustainable urban and environmental planning.

We want want to extend our gratitude to the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan for inviting me and organizing this event. We would also like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to making this workshop a success. We are sure that the insights gained will be helpful to support Azerbaijan's sustainable development efforts. Let's continue working together to create a better future for all.

Eid Mubarak!

Posted on 2023.04.20.

عيد مبارك! نتمنى لك ولأحبائك الكرام الكثير من البركات والسعادة والازدهار في هذه المناسبة السعيدة. استمتع بالاحتفالات وتمتع باللحظات الخاصة مع أولئك الذين يقفون بجانبك.

Daanish Abdul Sattar appointed as new technical manager to VIBROCOMP-SHIFT

Posted on 2023.03.10.

We announce the departure for Mr.Mohamad Shurair, head of Environment and Acoustics. Mr.Mohamad has assumed greater role at the Ministry of Environment, and while we appreciate and thank Mr.Mohamad for all his contributions, we are proud to see our former employee contribute to such prestigious organization in the country.

Having said that, we are excited to introduce you to our Noise & Vibration Engineer, Daanish Abdul Sattar, who will assume the role of Technical Manager for Vibrocomp Shift, Qatar. Daanish brings in his expertise in Noise and Vibration monitoring, assessment, prediction and mitigation in multiple fields, including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Railway, etc. For more information, please contact us through our E-mail at or call us on +974-33583626.

Newly developed projects page

Posted on 2023.01.01.

We are currently upgrading our webpage! On the newly developed projects page you will find details about our international flagship projects. The update is currently in progress. We will add new projects and their descriptions every week. Currently this page is only available in the EU(English) site. Later it will be available for all regional sites.