VIBROCOMP opens branch in Doha, Qatar

Posted on 2017.01.19.

Qatar Deserves the Best, also in Environmental Consultancy. We are all very pleased to inform you that Vibrocomp has just opened its newest branch in Doha, Qatar.

SHIFT WLL, Directed by H.E. Sheikh Faisal Thani Al-Thani, member of the Qatar Royal Family, and Dr. Pal Zoltan Bite CEO of Vibrocomp signed the start of VIBROCOMP – SHIFT W.L.L. in Doha today  

It has been an issue of consideration in the past few months, that an important state like Qatar warrants a completely different branch instead of just one solitary department in the Middle East Office. We have decided that the office will be a success and a well-earned success at that, as we expect all our new employee as well as those we will transfer to work hard, use their local experience and latest state-of-the-art technical knowledge and bring up the office to the levels of excellence in the State of Qatar.

Contacts of the new office:

Vibrocomp - Shift w.l.l. / P.O. BOX:20778, Doha – Qatar / Tel: +974 44503823 / Fax: +974 44871680

VIBROCOMP now further underlines its significant role in Air Quality, Noise and Vibration consultancy in the GCC region.