Vibrocomp ME proudly celebrates a decade of accomplishments in the Gulf with the honor of a new major project award

Posted on 2023.11.29.

Reflecting on our journey, we've contributed to significant initiatives, partnering with governments to foster sustainable, happy cities. Our involvement in pivotal infrastructure, oil & gas developments stands as a testament to our commitment to a better environment. Looking back fills us with immense pride and gratitude.

Peering into the future, we embrace new challenges, striving to elevate our services even further. As we mark our milestone tenth anniversary, we're thrilled to announce a remarkable upcoming project: Vibrocomp ME has been entrusted with the prestigious project, 'Mapping Ambient Noise in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi' by the esteemed Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

Vibrocomp Wep upgrade

Posted on 2023.11.01.

Over the last decade, VIBROCOMP International has undergone a remarkable transformation in its global operations. We have transitioned from being exclusively focused on noise and air quality to aligning with our Hungarian head office's comprehensive approach. Our expanded portfolio now encompasses worldwide engagement in full-scope environmental impact assessments, climate change evaluations, and projects related to greenhouse gas emissions.

To capture and communicate these substantial changes, we are excited to announce that our webpage is currently undergoing a thorough "refurbishment" in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we enhance our online presence to better reflect our evolved capabilities and commitment to addressing environmental challenges on a global scale.

Extended references are already available and constantly uploaded to the projects page.