About us

Bite Pálné PhD, MSc,
Founder Vibrocomp
Dr. Pal Zoltan Bite
CEO / owner

Vibrocomp is a Civil Engineering Consultancy company that provides a wide range of technology solutions and technical assistance services with innovative and high quality approaches in the field of Environmental Engineering, Noise, Air and Vibration pollution prediction, measurement, modelling and mitigation planning.

The expertise of VIBROCOMP's specialists in Environmental Engineering, Noise, Air and Vibration cover a broad range of know-how in civil engineering, urban and industrial projects. We provide environmental and workplace risk assessments, Noise, Air and Vibration monitoring, solution engineering for mitigation, consultancy and communication, altogether to facilitate your design and decision making process and communication with all the parties involved.



Our mission


Our Mission is to reduce the adverse environmental effects on people. Our specialists are engaged in creating a quieter environment through the use of the most up-to date technologies. Therefore, we are continuously implementing the results of our own and others’ published

research in our consultancy work in order to supply you with the best environmental planning and to receive the environmental permit for your development in the shortest possible way.

Our Future


We look to the future to enhance the world we live in. By applying sustainability considerations to all our design, consultancy and management services right across the value chain, highly-skilled expert professionals are able to create lasting solutions that plan for, connect and respect the future.

To achieve our objectives, we have adopted key values based on:

  • Strong corporate culture
  • Commitment to business ethics
  • High level of competence and broad experience in Noise, Air and Vibration pollution prediction, measurement, modelling and mitigation planning
  • Disciplined and professional experts, all university graduated. We speak fluent Arabic, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish
  • High quality services, tailored to the requirements of our customers
  • Fast and accurate work processes
  • Application of international standards
  • Social responsibility
  • Partnership approach based on trust and integrity
  • Continuous growth, progress and development with a unique pool of highly specialised measuring instruments and modelling software