BP - Warsaw highspeed train
Katara Tower Acoustic Design
Acoustic Consultant to the EXPO2020
Formula 1 racing circuit Hungaroring
Budapest Metro Line Nr. 4 from the first sketch to construction
Noise Map for Hungary
EIA for Borsod solar power plant
Qatar Petroleum District
Acoustic/Noise Study for The Palace of Arts in Budapest
Noise model and design plan for the low noise aircraft engine test facility at the Budapest Liszt-Ferenc int. airport
Noise model and noise reduction plan for one of Europe’s biggest seaport, Constanta port in Romania
Odor dispersion model for oil exploration
Noise mitigation of Central Europe's main gas compressor station
Vibration prediction and permanent monitoring of sensitive buildings during constructions /Visitor center beside the Parlament in Budapest Hungary/
Full scope EIA, Natura 2000 assessment (EU only), Land remediation studies View

VIBROCOMP takes pride in conducting comprehensive Full Scope Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Natura 2000 assessment (EU only) and Land remediation studies utilizing its in-house team of experts. Specializing in various sectors, our assessments cover infrastructure projects as well as extend to office and industrial developments.

Air Quality, Climate Change and GHG assessment View

VIBROCOMP distinguishes itself by executing in-depth assessments across air quality, climate change, and greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts, leveraging our skilled in-house team.

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration, (Strategic) noise mapping View

VIBROCOMP specializes in offering comprehensive services for building acoustics, noise and vibration (strategic) noise mapping; covering design, measurement, prediction, modeling, material selection and the implementation of mitigation measures for both existing structures and future developments.

Knowledge Transfer and Training View

VIBROCOMP excels in delivering cutting-edge Knowledge Transfer and Training programs focused on the intricate domains of air quality, noise and vibration. Leveraging state-of-the-art methodologies and expertise, VIBROCOMP ensures a comprehensive and insightful learning experience.

SoundPLAN Sales and Support View

SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics.

Green Building assessment View

VIBROCOMP specializes in conducting assessments for environmentally friendly construction practices, adhering to the BREEAM, LEED, and GSAS (GCC only) standards. These evaluations ensure that building projects meet rigorous criteria for sustainability and eco-friendly design.

Vibrocomp is a Civil Engineering Consultancy company

that provides a wide range of technology solutions and technical assistance services with innovative and high quality approaches in the field of Environmental Engineering, Noise, Air and Vibration pollution prediction, measurement, modelling and mitigation planning.

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