Knowledge Transfer and Training

VIBROCOMP excels in delivering cutting-edge Knowledge Transfer and Training programs focused on the intricate domains of air quality, noise and vibration. Leveraging state-of-the-art methodologies and expertise, VIBROCOMP ensures a comprehensive and insightful learning experience for individuals and organizations seeking proficiency in managing and mitigating the impact of noise, air quality, and vibration in various contexts.

Through these programs, participants gain a deep understanding of the latest technologies, regulatory frameworks, and best practices associated with these critical environmental factors. VIBROCOMP's commitment to excellence in education and its utilization of advanced tools make it a leader in providing knowledge transfer that is not only informative but also practical and impactful in real-world scenarios.


  • Technical assistance for government bodies to adopt and benfit from legislations
  • Public and private Training for QHSE departments or consultancy companies
  • Education and internships for Universities
  • Education by the best and by local experts, to learn about international standards and the use of them in the region
  • Getreal experience by working on pilot projects with Type I Noise level meters and SoundPLAN software in groups, with experts’ guidance
  • Knowing how to make a Noise Map You will be able to validate and quality check any future Noise Map done by a third party
  • You will receive Worldwide certificatethat is issued by Vibrocomp and SoundPLAN International LLC and is accepted globally!