Air Quality, Climate Change and GHG assessment

VIBROCOMP distinguishes itself by executing in-depth assessments across air quality, climate change, and greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts, leveraging our skilled in-house team. Our expertise extends to:


  1. Air Quality Assessments: VIBROCOMP conducts rigorous air quality assessments, employing our own experts. This includes a meticulous examination of projects in various sectors such as infrastructure (roads, airports), office and industry (eg. production, power generation, mining, oil and gas), and leisure (eg. sport stadiums, racing circuits). Our commitment lies in ensuring that proposed developments align with stringent air quality standards and regulations.

  2. Climate Change Assessments: With a focus on climate change, our assessments delve into the potential impacts of projects on the broader climate landscape. VIBROCOMP's in-house team thoroughly evaluates the contributions of proposed developments to climate change, aiding in the identification of mitigation and adaptation strategies. This approach aligns with our dedication to sustainable practices and resilience in the face of a changing climate.

  3. GHG Assessments: VIBROCOMP takes a proactive stance in assessing and managing greenhouse gas emissions. Our in-house experts are well-equipped to evaluate the GHG footprints of projects, particularly in the infrastructure and industry (mining, oil and gas sectors). By analyzing and mitigating GHG emissions, we contribute to the global effort to combat climate change and promote environmentally responsible initiatives.

In each of these domains, our commitment to utilizing our internal expertise ensures a high standard of assessment across a diverse range of projects, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.


Our services in the field:

  1. Air quality studies /strategies 
  2. Emission inventoires / methodoligies elaboration
  3. Deatailed analysis of ambient air toxics and heavy metals
  4. Air quality monitoring and sampling
  5. Climate change studies / strategies
  6. Mitigation plans

Clients we serve are in the:

  • government 
  • infrastructure 
  • industry


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